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Football is a sport using a ball that is played by two teams, each consisting of 11 (eleven) persons. Entering the 21st century, the sport has been played by over 250 million people in 200 countries, making it the most popular sport in the aims to score as much as possible with using a leather ball into the opposing goal. Football is played in a rectangular field, on grass or artificial turf.

In general only the goalkeeper is entitled to touch the ball with hand or arm in the area of ​​the net, while 10 (ten) other players are only allowed to use the entire body except the hands, usually with the legs to kick, chest to control, and head for the ball. The team that scored more goals at the end of the game is the winner. If the until time expired still end in a draw, then do the draw, extra time and penalties, depending on the organization of the championship format.

Regulations generally match updated every year by the international football governing body (FIFA), which also organizes the World Cup every four years.

Free Download PC Football Game - Winning Eleven 9 WE Full Version With Serial and Crack - Tips and Trick

Here are a few tricks from me, hopefully useful for that love to play WE, worth a try!!

- Tips and Trick WE, How SetPiece The Good:

* Kick very hard (from far away): Press + on plots up to about half, followed by pressing the triangle, hold ..., (duarr)
* Kick rather hard, curved (from some distance): Click on the + plot, half exaggerating a little, then push the curved triangle + direction ...
* Kick weak, curved (from close range): Click on the + plot, subtract half a little, O continues to push the same direction melengkungannya ...
* So the conclusion that when you press the kick ball, then the ball will slow, if followed by the triangle will be hard, otherwise if O kick, the ball will slowly ...

- WE Tips and Tricks, Tips Putting Players:

* Right-footed striker, should be placed on the left, if the striker left foot, then it should be placed on the right, to further expand the target penendangan and also affects the accuracy of the kick and the ball toward the arch.
* Laying the midfielder had a high passing berakurasi and if possible a hard worker,
* Do not put the midfielder who all type of attack, as it can make the midfield became unbalanced.

- Tips and tricks WE, Method One-on-one with the Keeper:

* Menchip ball, able to plot followed by L1, or L2 and plot, just choose which tasty,,
and to be menchip ball well and correctly, it takes practice many times.
* To make the shot more directional accuracy, after pressing the plot is better followed by R2, the ball slightly curved towards the goal, so it would be more focused.
* Granted, the opponent's goalkeeper will tercengo-Cengo ...

- Tips and Trick WE, How to Make Middle Shooting (Kicking Distance):

In my view, long-range shot is most effective squeeze box 2x as much or more (just do mostly). Try to push the first patch as soon as possible, as little as possible, so that the ball does not float, then push the patch again to about half. After that, hold triangle, and the ball will be very hard. If this is successful and effective, the ball will be slightly curved due to be kicked by the foot of the inside of the player. But the drawback of this is a long-range kick reduced accuracy.

- If you want to champion and proficient WE, play master is something that is mandatory, because the master play, it actually train our technique, unlike the cup, let alone exhebition

WE Tips and Tricks: How to Make the Movement Against Deceptive and Past Players:

- When carrying the ball, press R2 many times, after which the movement / dribel your players will be more accurate if we want to avoid, can also be leg movements as if to protect the ball because the ball will encircle the leg movements. Try just before the opponent touches or will snatch the ball from your player, you immediately press the button in the other direction while pressing R2 right, then Gocekan your players will be more accurate than if we do not press R2. R2 button is provided to facilitate perform special moves so that the movement of players we will look more lively.

- Suppose you're a winger dribble the ball, and then in front of the opponent adan. If this happens, you do not shy away towards the touchline and then crossing. My suggestion when the opponent is in front of your players, off the forward and press R2 + direction to go directly to the heart of the opponent's defense, I think this is more effective than crossing.

- Deceiving the opponent 1: If you are facing the front of the player, press the back + R2
- Deceiving the opponent 2: When you are facing the front of the player, press the direction up / down twice
It created a fad aja si

Tips and Tricks, How to Do the Right Crossing:

- For crossing horizontally from the side, press O as much as possible quickly
- For crossing rather soar than sampingke front of goal, press O 2x
- For crossing away from the side, press O 1x

Tips and Tricks, How to Lay player suddenly:

- Method 1: when your player is carrying the ball, off the directions, but while still pressing R1
- Method 2: off all the buttons and just press R2, your player will stop tiba2
nah fit your players quit so that an opponent may be surprised, and you will be more room to move freely

Well that's trick - the trick, now ya WE Playing Tips from me:

Tips2 play winning eleven ps 2 / PC:

- If you choose the defender, make the height above 180 cm. This is to prevent goals from corner / corner and also anticipate the ball hull. To be noted also that the header and jumping ability of the player, it also supports the ability of players to reach the ball.

- Ideally in the future I suggest there are two strikers, one who berteknik high (ibra, Ronaldinho, Henry) and the type of adventurer / explorer, one more good accuracy (Nistelrooy, crespo, toni).
I often use a blend of strikers such as second striker becomes rigid and monotonous movements, which one actively looking for the ball and open space, another type of settlement is ready to receive true mature balls or ball of vomit from the opponent's goalkeeper.
Avoid using 4 strikers because in addition to waste and make the midfield and the back became loose, but it is also ineffective because it would be difficult to make a breakthrough because of the large target man up front.

- Place min. 1 defensive midfielder with a high passing accuracy, do not place all the type of attacking midfielder, as it can make the midfield mastery becomes less stable and less balanced. This is caused because if all the players are attacking midfield then it is very possible that a dangerous counterattack. And also the type of attacking midfielder is usually very fond of all to be in the front row, so players will be piled up in the front row, and there is nothing preventing the event of losing the ball.

- To make your players to kick harder, after the press box / press triangle plot, hold.
(In my experience when we play, press triangle terasanya make a kick harder, if you are of the same opinion, then this tip is true)

- Sometimes when receiving kick our goalie did not react at all (blank), to minimize the things mentioned above, when the opponent will kick press L1 and triangle for advancing goalkeeper and react somewhat.

- When facing the corner, you must put the defender who actively (by us), and try to height above 183 cm.


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